Friday, September 21, 2012

You - LIVE!

Just a quickie - I hope you're all delving into live on-line gigs and Q&A's - live is the way to go!

Rainn was answering questions on KlipJody Quine has her Thursday night show on Stagit, Kate Kelton has her Q&A on VYou, LOD is utilizing her YouTube channel and I just had a note from Ari Shine that he's going to be doing a Stageit show on Tuesday the 25th(Sept) - Check it and see how it's done!:
  • Hey Jenn! I'm doing a show on Tuesday which is my record release date for Songs Of Solomon. I thought I would write you about it! It is pay what you can but all proceeds go to Art Of Elysium, who bring music to children in hospitals!
So if you're not already hooked up with some live - online fun and shennanigans, get out there and get yourself plugged in - we all want to see you!

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