Tuesday, March 29, 2011

To use your voice - or not.

I recently read a debate about using your voice to champion a cause. The argument was whether or not as an artist/actor/politician etc - it should be a part of your 'duty' and 'station' to get the word out, whatever that word may be.

I have to say that yes, I feel it is a duty and a responsibility everybody has, especially those who are fortunate enough to have a microphone or tv camera in front of their faces.

(If you are a Raver, of course you know this because I always ask you to play at charitable events often times with little or no pay! Thanks you guys!).

So I was really pleased to come across this video today; just think, if Ta'Kaiya can do this at 10, imagine what we can get up to with all of our experience - now let me hear you say AAAYO!

(And a shout out to the Sliammon Nation, a great part of our Coast Salish people - we are all connected!)