Friday, March 11, 2011

When it hits close to home....

Well this isn't just for music folks, but a reminder to everyone ~

Social media such as Twitter and Facebook, can also make terrible events and danger seem closer than they are, and so can make our reactions stronger.

This is both good and bad; for people already in crisis it can be a lot to handle.

So please remember to be kind to yourselves and take care of you and yours. If you have the capacity to get involved in a tragedy, do as much as you can without dipping into the reserves you need to keep yourself 'ok'. Doing a bit to help out can help you feel grounded, but don't do more than you can or should.

It's ok to turn the TV off and close down the computer and get some perspective if you are feeling overwhelmed.

Eat well, rest and get some exercise. Maybe write a song about it or draw a fancy picture (Thanks Liam!).

It's all good.

1 comment:

Emergency Preparedness Advocate said...

Thanks Jenn, I usually play my mandolin to get away from everything. :-)