Sunday, March 11, 2012

And on the flip side....

Thanks to new fb friends I am finding all kinds of amazing talent on the other side of this globe and I can't wait to tell you about the people and their art - check out this photographer Ryan Lee -

I don't often ask you to support someone, other than buying a cd or helping out a charity - but Ryan is saving for a new camera, and selling his prints - got a spare spot on your wall for something that will amaze you daily? Hit him up!

"Sleep deprivation has some perks. This is what happens when you drive 400km in a day- you find yourself interstate after crossing a timezone, a few metres underground in a narrow damp shaft at around 1.30am local time, unable to sit down, stretch, or move around very much because of the slightly muddy ground and damp and narrow inhabited walls, hanging around for about half an hour only accompanied by a tripod, camera.. and thousands and thousands of glow worms. Orange glow is from a baffled head torch I turned on for a fleeting second to get some detail in the environment. Without the short head torch blip, even 30 seconds at f/2.8 on ISO3200 on a 5DII yielded a pitch black background. Rosebank, NSW - 11/3/2012"

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