Saturday, March 31, 2012

Don't make fans!!

So>> you know how back in the beginning, stories and traditions were passed around by word of mouth - you know, my mouth your ear, your mouth their ear etc etc? Well I think that's where music is now, it's come back full circle. With all the noise of the world - the internet, and advertising, and everybody up in your face - I think that really good music gets passed around from mouth to ear - by your friends and people who's opinions you trust.

So>> there is so much good music out there - if you hear something good, take a minute and tell someone about it. I'm not talking about just supporting artists now, I am talking about what's good for the listener - good music feeds you, the same way a good book, piece of art or a thick poutine does. It fills you up - and isn't that a nice feeling to give a friend?

So>> what DOES this mean to the artist? Go CONNECT with people, go out and MAKE FRIENDS not fans and you'll make the world a better place > honest.

Here's a start - I like this song so I'm telling you about it - Now it's your turn your turn - go tell a friend about a song you're into today - SO>>>easy.

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