Thursday, May 16, 2013

42 things I've learned from the Internet

I’ve been on-line for over a decade now, so I thought I would stop and take some stock of what I have learned so far.

1 a lot of people like bacon

2 Monday’s are meat free

3 how to make a heart with your hands

4 the world is so small, and you can find your 3rd grade teacher, doctor and an ex in under 3 minutes

5 people don’t understand why it’s not cool to post shocking photos

6 juice is good & you can even juice a beet (but you still can’t make me drink it)

7 what GMO stands for

8 hemp will save the world

9 not everybody has enough

10 professional journalism is a dying art

11 you never have to walk into a bank, leave your house, hold a book or be far from anyone ever again

12 some people have too much time on their hands

13 sex in advertising still sells

14 guns are bad

15 old words are morphing into new words, (this year ‘vine’ means ‘a short video clip’)

16 how to take a selfie in the bathroom mirror

17 everybody is a photographer

18 everybody is against bullying

19 not everybody is polite

20 not everybody is nasty

21 almost everybody loves Nutella

22 everybody has a voice

23 everybody should learn how to code

24 4 year olds are the best drummers and guitar players

25 you can learn wikihow to do anything on-line, even bad stuff

26 a lot men shave their heads when they reach a certain age

27 people really, really love cats

28 people use social media for communication, therapy, self esteem building, and sales

29 there are some AMAZING artists, photographers and musicians in this world

30 people are very creative

31 a lot of people care a lot about fashion

32 #hashtagsarein, now they’re out, #nowthey’rein

33 famous people are just people

34 kale is good for you

35 everybody loves yoga

36 everybody hurts

37 a lot of people have a lot of tattoos

38 I can find almost any bit of information I want in a split second

39 time can move very quickly

40 we like to share

41 we-all-want -peace and,

42 we’re all pretty much the same

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