Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What Bif says -

"Who is afraid? I am. You are. Everyone is. Is it our imagined fear or is it our Chattering Monkey-Minds? I call it FUTURE-SURFING and it is a big time-waster. I suppose everyone really does it, and I will bet it's pretty natural for us all. Whether we live IN fear or IN safety, we all still have our private, inner thoughts and our "What If"-ing.

One of our teachers, Cameron Gilley (http://camerongilley.com/ ) in Vancouver (https://www.facebook.com/semperviva ) said "If it no longer serves you, release it..." and it resonated with me and has stayed with me for so long. When I am worrying or "Future Surfing" and my monkey Mind is on a loop, (this week...about my 16-year-old dog's deteriorating health..or my upcoming surprise ultrasound..) I return to this, along with my breath, and I actually whisper it to myself.

It shakes my heard and enables me to give my head a shake, and clear the fear. Even if it's just for that day, and it returns the next...I return to the breath and this teaching and I get clear. CLEAR YOUR FEAR and you CLEAR THE PATH. Fear comes back? Clear it again, without struggle.

This is our work. This is our practice. Namaste and Fearlessness and Hugs. *beam*"

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