Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A nice story from Adam ~

"Today I saw the purest of pure love. While visiting my father in the hospital, Elise, Chance, and I have become friendly with an older couple Jim & Judy.

Jim is also in the hospital with my father, and he's battling Alzheimer's. Jim's wife Judy spends day and night with her husband of 47 years, wearing a smile from morning to night, only running home for a few minutes at a time to make home cooked meals for Jim.

That in itself is beautiful to see how much she cares about her husband... but, Judy herself had a heart attack less than 7 weeks ago. To hear the story of her heart attack is like hearing a script to the sweetest movie ever written. When Judy was hospitalized at another hospital, all she could think about was pretending she was healthy so she could get released quickly, to once again be there for Jim.

Today Judy found out she has cancer. Judy and Jim have no other family other than each other, and instead of dealing with her own issues, she is right back with Jim feeding him a home cooked meal with that same smile she has worn for 47 years. The more time I get to spend with them, the more I learn just how beautiful this Judy lady is. It turns out her husband's company was forced into bankruptcy in 1986, and instead of putting a strain on Jim, Judy went out and got a second job.

This lady is truly an inspiration. She is beautiful inside and out, and I really want to adopt them both as my grandparents. Guys, if you have a good woman, do not... I repeat... do not screw it up, because in 47 years when you truly need someone, you better hope you still have your precious Judy.

Do yourself a favor and tell your Judy how much you love her. Judy, you are truly an inspiration, and you have new friends for life ♥"

 Adam H. Hurstfield

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