Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sharing a gift from Brock~

 Just received this from Brock and it's such a great vibe I wanted to share it -

 "....here's a little fun present for you....it is the last song of the World Kindness Concert (all the performers are on stage in this song - Leora Cashe, John Mann, Valdy, Jonas & Jeanette, Bobby Bruce, Michaela Slinger, Sharon Small, Adam Lucas, Marcus Mosely, Will Sanders, Bill Sample & Band, Marcus' Chorale, Shari Ulrich, Michael Vincent, and Bill Henderson - all on stage together!!!:-) and you get to see me dancing like crazy!

I don't know what got into me, but i was a wreck for the next few days and my knee, from my knee replacement operation, was swollen and in pain for days after, but it was worth it!

Sit back and enjoy it... KINDNESS takes a lot of 'heart' work!

 ....always follow your heart,

www.brocktully.com - to see more about the WKConcert, my 3 bicycle trips around North America, Speaking Engagements, Kindness Rocks, etc.

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