Thursday, December 13, 2012


I wanted to quickly tell you how great Heather and Don at EARasers and Persona Medical have been to us, and how cool their product is.

I know there are so many great ear protection products out there these days, but after searching for an alternative to molded plugs, for a lower volume environment, EARasers win the day.

They are almost invisible, super easy to get in and out and are so >CLEAR< I mean CLEAR like WOW - you won't believe it!

And the customer service is A+++; these folks have been amazing from the start. From making a specialized product to meet our needs, to sending Buster treats from Florida and having the best communication of any company I can think of - they have it all.

I know I'm gushing, but I want to give praise where it's due, and these people have it going on.

And did I say the price is right?

** If you wear a small size hit me as I have one pair left I'd be happy to pass along to you to check out!

(Also note, while they didn't pass the Roxy stage volume test, because of the heavy bottom end and well, yeah, the loud volume - for anything quieter than the stage at the roller, they would be perfect!!)

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