Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Well, if you have kept up with us on social media you know what a year we’ve had!

Since we packed up and moved to the ‘cabin’ in the last days of February, we’ve certainly had our share of events! From ruptured water mains (2!), leaks, sinking bathtubs and more leaks, to the hours and days of scraping and painting, the bear who favorites our yard more than Lynn Valley Canyon itself, and especially the ups and downs with Buster’s health, we feel like we’ve had very full plates indeed. 

But we wouldn’t change a thing!

We’ve been so fortunate in that we’ve have had the time to deal with all the emergencies, work on the house, go to school, fit in some volunteer work and do a bit of music work as well.

Next year we’ll be doing more of the same (hopefully without the catastrophes!), as we have a bit more painting to do and a new studio to build! We have a film to score in the spring, a few more small projects and volume 6 of the Christmas album to get out, and you never know what else we’ll be getting up to! Come by and say hi!

We wish you all the very best,
& Much happiness in the coming year!

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