Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy new week~

TRYING to not work, it's really tough. I have not been able to stop completely, but I have maybe cut back by 75% over the past 24 hours; planted some tomatoes, made bread, wrote a song, recorded the narrative for Donkey and watched some movies.

Going to try again tonight - movie, yoga, laugh with Buster over some old jokes, and dance around to this.

To everyone waiting to hear from me - tomorrow I promise.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Use what works.

Ok, enough griping and onto fun stuff!

This is a great article ~ it gave me the idea for our new for them in bathrooms everywhere;-)

Great marketing lessons from SNL here!

I hate to gripe, but I will anyway...

Just a little rant about media, lack of decent reporting and over- all lack of hmm professional ethics?

I grew up thinking it was the job of newspapers and news programs to report news. News to me meant what was happening in the world, good and bad.

I was surprise to say the least that the Vancouver Sun never ran one story about the Nashville flood. I even did a search tonight and still not one word. BUT over the days and hours that it was happening, I did see lots of articles on fashion week, here and around the world.

People were losing their homes and lives and lively hood and I could only find news of Albania's and Australia's fashion weeks, sex scandals and where to eat if you're downtown.

Although the news does seem to be on top of the spill, I was also lead to the trough to see Venus's panties, America's new idol, and lots of 'news' about American TV fiction and yes 'celebrity make up accidents'. Am I really reading a NEWSpaper? Or something from the grocery store checkout line?

Surely there are better things to report. I use to think being a journalist was one of the most important jobs a person could have. In fact, I aspired to it. Perhaps we as an audience are just too lazy to care what's put on our plate? We seem to eat so complacently.

People care so little about anything it seems these days, shouldn't we at least care and demand to know what's going on in the world around us?

I guess I'll continue to get my news from the people making and living it - thank you Twitter.

Good article from Newsweek here.

Photo courtesy of Brad Paisley.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The conundrum of booking live shows.

This subject has been gnawing at me for a while now.

To counteract the difficulty of booking clubs and venues, I started booking shows at my own venues and events. Problem solved for now - good for pr, crappy for paying bills.

But - for the loads and I mean LOADS of artists out there that can't or choose not to do this, there is this big, little issue of booking shows (if you want to do it on your own without paying an agent).

Here are some facts:

~There are more artists than ever that want to play live, and really, they are good enough to play live, (and really the only way to get good, is to do it).

~There are actually venues closing down their live/original bookings because of poor turn out. They are hiring djs, or cover bands (nothing against guys & gals).

~Lots of coffee shops seem to be picking up the slack, and open mic nights, but paying gigs mainly go to cover bands, original bands get the door.

~Some clubs book the same bands over and over because they know they will bring some people in, and they won't look at anyone else.

~Many, artists won't/don't share gigs/venues - they are very protective of a paying gig.

~Live music is good for us (all ages, everybody), people want to see live original bands.

When I see all of these things written down, all I can think is:

Artists need a face to face fan base - (online doesn't count if they can't get out to your shows).

How do artists build a face to face fan base if they can't book gigs?

Anybody? Anybody?

Friday, May 14, 2010

How HST will effect BC Musicians

Well, the list is out.

Here is the list of things that will now be under the 12% tax rule that can directly effect musicians and artists and their customers, who you will need to pass these costs on to:

Hall rental
Hair dresser/barber
Music/video mp3 and downloads
Music concerts
Massage therapy
Domestic Air/Rail/Bus travel originating n BC
Hotel Rooms
Taxi services
local residential phone lines
Restaurant meals
Used clothing (not from charity)
Dry Cleaners
School Supplies

For the full list, click here.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nothing in particular....

Well, I didn't want an entire week to pass before I wrote, but it has...we've been non stop - I wonder if we look like one of those cartoon characters who's legs just spin in circles?

Lots of work setting up the booking stuff, interviews, slowly coming around to the idea of the Christmas album and doing LOTS of sessions. Life is good, but honestly I can't wait for the weather to heat up a bit - I have that itchy garden feeling.

Oh and we received the house energy saver kit from BC Hydro - the new shower head is installed....hmmm...losing that much water pressure feels like a lot to give up...but saving hundreds a year is worth it....I reckon....all the other stuff is really easy to install and really cool - check it out if you're in BC!

I'm also trying to keep the news page updated more - so check over there too!

I've been saving up cool websites as well - so will write more soon!