Thursday, March 12, 2015

Things I've learned on the Internet so far in 2015.

We need coaches to live healthy, good and productive lives (apparenly they are stepping in and making up for lack of teaching in the school systems).

Canada’s government corruption is the same as any government corruption, they’ve just been quieter and don’t carry guns. (**I thought afterwards I should probably clarify this: What I learned is that it is the nature of government to contain corruption. Giving that amount of power to any individual or group will always have a negative side. I was just under the delusion that we were somehow 'better' in Canada than is other places. But we really aren't.). 

Anybody can raise money for anything, and people will fund it.

Everybody has a voice.

Everybody is an artist.

Many good deeds go unthanked and un-noticed.

There is some good in the world.

We’ve wrecked the planet.

Yoga and meditation are in.

Even heroes die.

Helen Hunt is still fabulous.

Only one person likes daylight savings (Fiona! but she does want to keep it year round so is forgiven, because we all want the change abolished).

I don’t know very much.

*Ok, something I already knew, but am writing them out here for good measure.