Sunday, July 26, 2015

Let's make Mondays more fun!

Let's do something fun, for me, for you and for charity!!! I'll try this for a month and see if it flies... Yay! (And please share around if you like!)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Thoughts on Canada Day and Moss (2015)

Today as many people are posting pictures of the flag, and are off to block parties, parades, fireworks venues and other 'stat holiday' activities, a lesson I received decades ago comes back to me.

In my elementary school here in North Vancouver (Blueridge rah!), we were fortunate enough to be able to attend 'Outdoor School' every year. Outdoor School was a few days away with your classmates in a remote, forested location, where you learned about orienteering, forest safety, edible plant identification and the like.

One year, in probably grade 5, we had a counsellor named 'Sky' (yep, it was the 70's you're right!). Sky took us hiking one day and I recall him squatting down and pointing to some moss. 'This moss', he said' has been here for many years, it takes so long to grow, you have to be very gentle with it. If you disturb it, say you're sorry and try to put it back.'.

Lots of the boys in the class laughed, but for some reason, I knew it was the right thing to do. And still to this day, I will blurt that out; 'Be careful of  the moss, do you know how long that takes to grow? Say you're sorry!'

Anyway, here on Canada Day morning. when many people are thinking about our culture and freedoms, I am thinking about how fortunate we are to have this bit of land, and how I wish we could all say 'Sorry', and do our best to keep it healthy and not take it for granted.

Happy Canada Day.

(OfNote: I also learned what happens when your counsellor comes into the cabin at night after your classmates have played 'Princess and the Pea' and stacked their mattresses 10 high with you perched on top.)

Take a tour of Vancouver in the 70's here: