Saturday, March 31, 2012

Don't make fans!!

So>> you know how back in the beginning, stories and traditions were passed around by word of mouth - you know, my mouth your ear, your mouth their ear etc etc? Well I think that's where music is now, it's come back full circle. With all the noise of the world - the internet, and advertising, and everybody up in your face - I think that really good music gets passed around from mouth to ear - by your friends and people who's opinions you trust.

So>> there is so much good music out there - if you hear something good, take a minute and tell someone about it. I'm not talking about just supporting artists now, I am talking about what's good for the listener - good music feeds you, the same way a good book, piece of art or a thick poutine does. It fills you up - and isn't that a nice feeling to give a friend?

So>> what DOES this mean to the artist? Go CONNECT with people, go out and MAKE FRIENDS not fans and you'll make the world a better place > honest.

Here's a start - I like this song so I'm telling you about it - Now it's your turn your turn - go tell a friend about a song you're into today - SO>>>easy.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

MEMa is live!

And we're live! Come and check out the beginnings of MEMa! We're planning for some summer & winter events and we are really hoping to be on the road in 2013 - come along for the ride!

Check us out HERE!

Greg, Stu and a trip to Uganda

Below is the info link to the 10 minute film cut by ORF Austria from Gregory & Stu's recent Jane Goodall Institute travels to Uganda. The clip will likely be at the end of the show, on ORF Thema on Monday night @ 2110 CET - there should be a working live stream for ORF2 online if you are not in Austria, or just don't watch TV. :)

I hope you enjoy watching this if you do have a free moment in the day, it was a truly incredible journey to be a part of and hopefully the film will create a new awareness in the eyes of many tv viewers around Austria and beyond.

Stu Jolley

Sunday, March 11, 2012

And on the flip side....

Thanks to new fb friends I am finding all kinds of amazing talent on the other side of this globe and I can't wait to tell you about the people and their art - check out this photographer Ryan Lee -

I don't often ask you to support someone, other than buying a cd or helping out a charity - but Ryan is saving for a new camera, and selling his prints - got a spare spot on your wall for something that will amaze you daily? Hit him up!

"Sleep deprivation has some perks. This is what happens when you drive 400km in a day- you find yourself interstate after crossing a timezone, a few metres underground in a narrow damp shaft at around 1.30am local time, unable to sit down, stretch, or move around very much because of the slightly muddy ground and damp and narrow inhabited walls, hanging around for about half an hour only accompanied by a tripod, camera.. and thousands and thousands of glow worms. Orange glow is from a baffled head torch I turned on for a fleeting second to get some detail in the environment. Without the short head torch blip, even 30 seconds at f/2.8 on ISO3200 on a 5DII yielded a pitch black background. Rosebank, NSW - 11/3/2012"

Monday, March 5, 2012

Paper Doll - Stef Lang

Video turned out amazing - good work you guys.