Sunday, November 1, 2015


So it's November and tis the season to remember. I remembered something yesterday, something I can't believe I got so far away from.

Two nights ago I had a rather chilling dream, where I was in a basement, and I moved a blanket that was covering a table and there in a little basket under the table was our old cat. I was shocked and horrified that I had forgotten our cat! She was thin and emaciated and so glad to see me. Right away I rushed and made her milk and eggs and she was so happy, she bounded up the stairs and seemed to be her old self, with no hard feelings.

It was easy for me to read that dream, although I have been living my painting, and living my yoga, I have not actually been doing yoga for months, nor have I been attending my Sangha every week, and no chant or meditation has enveloped me for quite some time (read months and months).

I have been using the excuse that our schedule has changed so my Monday Sangha meeting is difficult to make, that life is so hectic with odd deadlines and new learning curves that I have no time for yoga and it all came to a head with that dream.

So yesterday I said  my intention out loud; 'I miss yoga, I really want to do that new class!'(303), and today I have just finished class 303. (*And for Melissa, it was everything I loved Mantra's and pigeons and everything I don't love Utkata Konasana and Utkata Konasana (Can I say that twice please?;-p).

And now I am putting my intention in writing because as much as painting fills me to overflowing, I needed that little reminder that I have to keep the container in good nick! No hard feelings, let's just go back upstairs to the light.