Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Folk Music Revival

Two quick things:

I had been saying that 'folk music' was making a 'comeback' - but silly me - it never left.

And two - read this! Want to know how to get fans? Be one!

Ok - carry on.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Remembering Mike.....

The night Mike Norman passed away we were in the middle of making plans for an interview. He was going to do an Acid House Interview, and give some advice to up and coming artists and industry professionals.

Of course it would have been an amazing interview, because Mike was involved in so many aspects of the music industry; and not only was he a brilliant multi-instrumentalist, he was one heck of a nice guy.

For the past week everyone who knew Mike has been sharing stories about their experiences, and even though Mike can't, I was thinking that if everyone who knew him, could hand out some helpful advice, or lend a hand to an up and coming artist - I think the universe would be grateful and what a great way to remember Mike!

One thing he said to me recently that I can share was: "Go slow, that's the best way to do it!". I know I'll always remember that whether I am practicing scales or just walking the dog. Good advice. Thanks Mike.


The memorial service for Mike Norman will be on September 1st at 1:30pm at First Memorial Funeral Service, 1340 Dominion Ave. Port Coquitlam, BC. (Right next to the PoCo Long & McQuade).

Thursday, August 19, 2010

New ways of thinking.

If there is one thing the new music industry is giving us, it is the chance to think outside the box.

Rave On has always been trying to get music to people who can't get out to venues, but lately we've even been talking about just making our own venues.

Things I know: a) people are curious and b) music will draw a crowd almost anywhere.

There have been quite a few instances where this has happened to me, two that come to mind right away; I use to go to Burnaby Mountain Park for a study break ~ one day I heard something amazing coming from the rose garden behind the restaurant - I found there, practicing away, the SFU Pipe Band - so cool.

Next, while walking the dog in my local park, I heard the faint sounds of some pretty interesting music coming from the area behind the Cenotaph - I looked around and there in the morning light were a group 20 or so older ladies in black doing some sort of Tai Chi with swords (sorry if there is a name for this, I don't know it).

Anyway, my point is, that musical performance can take place almost anywhere - here are some ideas about venues, but think even further outside the box!

And thanks to Makeda Taylor for posting this today, an article which goes hand in hand, with the above about selling out your shows!

Now get out there and be creative!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

IPO coming up!

The IPO hits Vancouver soon, and we have three of this years Christmas artists playing out - hope you can get out to support them and the 35+ other artists!

Danny Echo
Piper McKinnon
Laurie Biagini!

Monday, August 2, 2010

I like this advice - Get A Manager!

This is some good solid advice, and I am not just posting this because I have a vested interest! (And side note, I am also NOT comparing myself with the great and potty mouthed Jon ~ although on some days our hair does look the same...)

NME Tip: Get A Manager

NME says: DIY is great, but every band needs a helping hand to be successful

Colin Roberts works for Biglife Management, who have looked after Klaxons, The Verve, The Futureheads and Shitdisco.

What does managing a band entail?

“We offer advice and financial backing: we help the band make the album they want to make, get it to all the right ears, organise tours and gain success without having to give away massive chunks of their income to a label. Right now is an exciting time to explore new methods of getting your songs out there.”

What should new bands aim for first: management or a record deal?

“I think working with good management is now more important for a new band than it’s ever been. With labels in a state of flux and traditional record deals rapidly becoming a thing of the past, having the backing of an established team can be all a band needs to take off – a deal isn’t necessarily the way to go. It’s quite likely now that a band could happily flourish without one, electing to release their own records with the experience and financial backing of a company like Biglife. It’s something we did very recently with an already successful band – The Futureheads – and it’s something that can work just as well with new, emerging talent.”

When should a new band look for management?

“Ideally, you’ll want to approach a management company when you have a cannon of great songs and some live experience under your belt. Don’t make the mistake a lot of bands do by trying to garner interest straight after you’ve recorded your first demo – it can be enough to put people off in the long term.”

How do you choose which bands to work with?

“It all comes down to the big ‘S’ – songs. If you’re making great music, then it’s more than likely that we’ll come to you before you even approach us.”