Friday, July 19, 2013

Ever wonder what it would be like to shop for clothes by 'intention' and NOT size?, wouldn't that be a huge burden off your shoulders?
Just take a moment and imagine -----

Pretty joyful right?

Now head over here and lend a hand! 

Click the photo and let's get this party started people!

This is huge kids - a nice shift in the landscape ~ 

Now let's do away with more labels, which can go next?

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Everything, And All You Need

When you do things differently, they and you are not always popular.

Sad fact, (sort of).

Popular means that most or a majority of people like what you did/do or are. Put this together with the fact that not every artist is PR savvy, or too poor to pay somebody who IS PR savvy and it can be a recipe for, well, maybe not disaster, but indeed a let down with a hard bump, time after time after time.

This is just a reminder to artists who are struggling, that you have to stick to your guns and not sell out. Remember why you are making music or art, and remember that it is an expression of yourself, and that is all. Remember that you do it because it has to come out, and you only feel content when it does.

Remember that life is not a contest, that winners and losers may be chosen by the popular vote, but that is not real life. Real life is you and your heart beat and as far out as you can reach your arms when you spin around. That's it and that's everything. You might say; 'Hey, what do you mean? That 3foot+ radius is all I have? That's IT?' Yeppers kids, that is what I'm saying, and that's not just 'it', that's in fact everything and all you need.

Last week I walked away from something huge, but it was to come home to myself, and it was such a relief. I had forgotten. I was out stretched thin trying to win the popular vote, but standing on that high wire was a difficult balancing act. I have some feelings about it sure, but the fact is, now I am sure, because I have everything I need right here and now. Nobody has to give me that...Hmm, maybe this post was just for me.

Friday, July 5, 2013

July and things

Wow, so it's July already and the year is half full! That means it's almost my birthday right? Ok half Birthday, but dang it, I'm breaking out the Nutella anyway!

Nothing much to say here, summer babble - trying to stay cool and keep BDog cool! I've updated the website so head over if you want work type news, but if you want superfluous chatter - look what cool stuff I found!

Some Happiness

Some Laughs

How is your summer so far?

(PS - please check out my first school project and pass it around to your fellow Canucks, it's important stuff we have to know - love to hear your feedback!)