Thursday, April 29, 2010

Social Media: do's, don'ts and some expectations

It seems like social media tips are all the rage this week, so I thought I would throw in my two cents -

I know I have spoken before about the true value of using all the social media available, Twitter, Myspace, Facebook etc...and some of you are on it and some of your are still non-believers, but what I want to focus on is some of the etiquette and expectation in the music industry, and well anywhere really, and for anyone using social media, especially as a business or marketing tool.

At the end I'll link to a great little blurb from Derek about being polite, but now I just want to try and decipher how maybe some of this etiquette got missed....maybe that can help find a way to remedy a bit of the rudeness that goes on out there in Internet land.

First of all, I should state what I am talking about in terms of 'etiquette'. It means 'good manners' people. And as it relates to social media as - returning emails, saying thank you to compliments and favors, finishing what you start....etc etc I am sure I can think of more, but these are the ones that really get me.

All I can come up with, is that maybe people are not aware that these are skills people in general should posess. Possibly there is some deficiency out there in the teaching of communication skills? Perhaps someone who has never had to work face to face with people has never had the chance to develop these skills? I am not making excuses, just trying to justify these behaviors in my mind and give people the benefit of the doubt..

Imagine you have a store on the corner of the street. Lots of people want to shop at your store, but you just keep the door locked and only let your friends in. Your business licence says you are open to the public, but you only like dealing with people you know. Hmmmm...

Or -

Imagine you are in an important business meeting, people are relying on you for work, or important input, and you suddenly get up, walk out and disappear, never to be heard from again. Hmmm...

Or -

Imagine someone goes to the trouble of helping you out. At any time, for any reason, you take what they have to offer, but never say thanks and just walk away. Hmmm.....

These are ongoing events in the music business, venues never responding, people setting things up and then never following through, people taking what you kindly offer, but never giving a word of thanks, even the most simple thing of never responding to an email....

If this was in the real world people, given the examples, it would seem terribly rude, would it not?

Anyway, I can understand if you are busy, if so, put an email responder on your mail program. It's easy to add something that says ' Hey -I got your mail, I'm busy but will get back to you soon!', and then you know, do it! Get back to someone soon!

And maybe emails are going into your spam folder, that's even easier, check it out once in a while!

And you know, if you decide not to follow through on a project or idea, it's not a difficult thing to let the other people know, no hard feelings, just own up to it, otherwise it's bad business and it's not doing much for your image.

And lastly, a really basic one, remember your Ps and Qs. Easy peasy - say please and thank you. Just because you are on-line and people can't look in your eyes, does not make this little gesture any less important.

If you want to get ahead in this business, or any business, every little thing you do goes a long way.

And here goes my two cents about using social media:

~ do not post your gig dates up on twitter during the playoffs, Olympics or other major events - they will probably get missed.

~ do not use a world wide tragedy as a time to post info about your band just because there are lots of people on reading news and updates, same thing, probably nobody will look, and if they do see you there, it seems like you may be taking advantage - uncool.

~ on FB, it's good to try not to post up questionable photos when you are just starting makes pr a lot more difficult.

It's common sense.

Ok Derek's link - such a good one - pass it on - Here it is.

Please and thank you for reading this......

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

People always laugh at me..

...because I generally use the same few chords when I am jotting down a comeback is always something about Johnny Cash..but now I can go a step further - just goes to show don't need to know anything fancy to write a hit!

Thanks @katypegg!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Time enough to ask...

I have been so busy this week, with John's show, EarthRun coming on the 25th, and everything else...I know it's nothing new, we're all busy in our lives.

But, last week I had the idea while talking to a friend, to interview a bunch of people, friends and colleagues in the music industry. I wrote to a dozen of my peeps and asked them their thoughts on the new music business and some related topics.

I was really grateful that nearly everybody had time for me, and so 'The Acid House Interviews' were born.

I have 6 together already, and tonight wondered, given some of the answers I received to my questions, if we actually take enough time in our lives to talk to people any more, ask them about themselves...just to check in?

Might be a good time to get interested in someone and ask some questions!

Will post a links when interviews are finished - and thanks to those of you who helped out!

(pic by cbcastro)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April Update

Well it's that time of year again, the garden needs turning, the birds are singing, and I have Christmas thoughts jangling in my head!

Watch for news on our 5th Anniversary Very Vancouver Christmas CD - I can't believe it's been 5 years since we began the project! I know it's early but all indications are that it is going to be a doozy ~

We've also got some exciting studio news coming up in the next week or so, don't want to spill it early, but I will no longer have to turn people away!

Let's see, we've been so busy and have had two album releases so far this week alone; MRDC's 'Radio' Featuring Skulastic, and Balligomingo's 'Under An Endless Sky'!

We've got The John Jorgenson Quartet coming up to play on the 18th for the Gypsy Jazz Fest at St James - do go if you're around!

The David Suzuki EarthRun is also this month and coming up very quickly now(!) on the 25th at Jericho, with a great musical line-up (Ranj Singh and the Discriminators, Gillian Hobbs and Matt Stanley and the Decoys!).

We're also solidifying some plans for the year; we'll be working with a talented animator to get the Donkey Otey project on it's way, and finishing up some songs for Piper McKinnon and Danielle Kurant. And if we have the time, I hope to work with Sheldon Witt and get some recording done with Matt Stanley.

I'll get some good stuff posted soon as well, I found some great tips I've been saving for you!

Hmm and oh yes the garden...I am looking forward to that this year, as last year at this time I was laid up and on crutches for over 3 months! Feels like a long time ago....

Thursday, April 1, 2010

~Happy Easter From Rave On~

I feel like we should also dedicate this to the SPCA/UVic bunny problem. Good luck with that dilemma!