Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happy Holidays to all of our friends and family ~

Happy Holidays everybody. In lieu of a year end letter this year, just know we're thinking about you and appreciating you. It's some somber times over here with the Busterdog light gone out of our lives, but we promise to be back soon. Thanks for all of your kind words.

Chris & Jenn

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Happy Holidays Everybody!

This winter we lost Tata Madiba and this is an awesome tribute to him.

I hope we can all learn to be a bit more like him in the New Year, and to continue on his path and continue on with the work that he has done in the world.

This would be an awesome tribute as well.

Happy Holidays everybody!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Close to home: 10 ideas for keeping Christmas(the holidays) local

Well if you have read this page in years past you know I am big on supporting local talent. This year I am going to make it super easy for you to shop locally - with my super-fantastic-keep-it-in-the-hood listorama.

1) Support a local musician by purchasing their music and swag and giving it as a gift. Win, win you'll make two people happy. Don't know how or where to look for someone in your area? Check and click 'local'. You should be able to pop in your location and viola! Find some music that gets you where you live.

2) Support a local artisan. This is an easy one as many people sell their wares at local Christmas Fairs and holiday markets, or walk into a local art gallery and see what's what. Or if you are like me and tied to a keyboard, check out and shop by 'location'.

3) Support a local charity. One year we bought everybody Camp Goodtimes sweatshirts. There are a lot of charities you can support by buying their swag - it's a really meaningful gift for all involved.

4) I usually get my mom a Spa Certificate - local to the town she lives in. This is a great way of supporting local merchants, and it can be used for whatever they offer from massage to facial, nails, pedi etc. (A Spa day for your bff's pooch wouldn't hurt either!)

5) For your special holiday meals, try shopping by the Hundred Mile rule: only purchase items that were produced within 100 miles of where you live. So local produce, vino etc. This may mean being super creative in some places, but hey, that just adds to the fun!

6) And then there is the sure fire winner, the gift of yourself! Print off those snuggle bucks (no not really), but you can give your time: babysitting, let your friends out for the night!, dog walking, meal prep, house painting, moving help, gardening help, free house concert - you name it, I am sure you can come up with a load of things to do for your friends and fam - tie yourself up with a bow and there you go! Now that's as local as it gets.

7) If you have the time and really want to get creative, how about writing a book, making a calendar or giving some sort of very personal art from your very own self? You can usually do these things on-line through Staples or Office Depot and have them printed up and you just have to pick them up!

8) I once gave my sister a T-shirt I had made with a picture of me on it. (Like who wouldn't want that?) All you need is a printer, some iron on transfer paper and a T or cool undies etc - talk about creative! You can even have buttons made up! Need a hand with this stuff? Check out Blim or something similar in your town.

9) Well, you know me, I'm all about Christmas music - how about making a cd of you singing some tunes? Or make a vid of the fam doing a wee sing-along or film a day in the life. This would be really amazing for out of town family.

10) Where we live there is so much going on over the holidays, literally for any budget. Get out and enjoy some of the stuff that's going on in your hood, this keeps it really local, builds community and can make even the Grinchiest heart grow a few sizes.

Happy November!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Some great challenges on a sad day.

So, it's September 11th and the world is sad. While remembering the bad, I wanted to shine light as well - so here are two ways to lighten your step in days to come -

Today is also the first day of the 21 Day Kindness Challenge! Click the pic for more info on how you can participate!

And, today is also the day that I read this from the lovely Jody Quine - click the pic to have a look at her guest post on The Jungle of Life and join in her challenge!

 As the saying goes: "Change yourself and you can change the world", and what a great way to start!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hey Love

Hey everybody - have you heard the new Danny Echo tune? We'd love for you to make a video!

We'd love it so much we're willing to give you the front page of our new website and a few other goodies!

Grab the tab and the lyrics over on the site HERE and let's see what you've got!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sept 5th - Come over to SP for some fun with moi!

That's right >> come over to Soulpancake and let's get deep and wacky!

I want to hear your own personal mantra - I want you to tell me all about your best friend (uhm in 5 words only!) and let's talk human race - like why are we here - really?

What could be more fun during Shopping Week at school? I know it will keep me going!


Sunday, August 18, 2013

The evolution of culture through social media

Do you ever think about this?

It is on my mind constantly these days as I see us moving in leaps and bounds. I wonder things like:

 - who will be left behind?
 - what can we do to help people move forward, catch up, or be involved?

And with the opening of social media, developing world information gaps are slowly closing. Take for example villages who can now provide classes to people via MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) learning, with only a meeting space and a internet connection required!

It's funny because when I think of these developing world cultures that will be learning so much and moving ahead, I don't have the same questions as above. Because of the ways family and society are structured, I don't think many will be left behind, rather I think that the knowledge will be used for the betterment of the group. But that is my opinion.

I think in the first world we can work towards the betterment of the group, and we are in some ways, as we reach to implement new systems in health care etc., but is it enough? What else are we racing towards? Then I wonder:

 - who will be left behind while we're working on solutions and then trying to implement them?

I would love to hear what you think.

(Thank you Joyce for fuelling the flame for these thoughts with your recent fb post.)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Ever wonder what it would be like to shop for clothes by 'intention' and NOT size?, wouldn't that be a huge burden off your shoulders?
Just take a moment and imagine -----

Pretty joyful right?

Now head over here and lend a hand! 

Click the photo and let's get this party started people!

This is huge kids - a nice shift in the landscape ~ 

Now let's do away with more labels, which can go next?

Read more about Katie Jeanes here:

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Everything, And All You Need

When you do things differently, they and you are not always popular.

Sad fact, (sort of).

Popular means that most or a majority of people like what you did/do or are. Put this together with the fact that not every artist is PR savvy, or too poor to pay somebody who IS PR savvy and it can be a recipe for, well, maybe not disaster, but indeed a let down with a hard bump, time after time after time.

This is just a reminder to artists who are struggling, that you have to stick to your guns and not sell out. Remember why you are making music or art, and remember that it is an expression of yourself, and that is all. Remember that you do it because it has to come out, and you only feel content when it does.

Remember that life is not a contest, that winners and losers may be chosen by the popular vote, but that is not real life. Real life is you and your heart beat and as far out as you can reach your arms when you spin around. That's it and that's everything. You might say; 'Hey, what do you mean? That 3foot+ radius is all I have? That's IT?' Yeppers kids, that is what I'm saying, and that's not just 'it', that's in fact everything and all you need.

Last week I walked away from something huge, but it was to come home to myself, and it was such a relief. I had forgotten. I was out stretched thin trying to win the popular vote, but standing on that high wire was a difficult balancing act. I have some feelings about it sure, but the fact is, now I am sure, because I have everything I need right here and now. Nobody has to give me that...Hmm, maybe this post was just for me.

Friday, July 5, 2013

July and things

Wow, so it's July already and the year is half full! That means it's almost my birthday right? Ok half Birthday, but dang it, I'm breaking out the Nutella anyway!

Nothing much to say here, summer babble - trying to stay cool and keep BDog cool! I've updated the website so head over if you want work type news, but if you want superfluous chatter - look what cool stuff I found!

Some Happiness

Some Laughs

How is your summer so far?

(PS - please check out my first school project and pass it around to your fellow Canucks, it's important stuff we have to know - love to hear your feedback!)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Summer!

Happy Make Music Day/Summer Solstice and chocolate blitz week (wait how did that get in there?)

I have some awesome music to share with you this week, as well as an old favorite video that I just found on YouTube, and a couple of quickie reads that I posted up over at Squidoo (#SethGodinLove).

Sita Sings The Blues

All about Hannah Epperson and her new single: Shadowless

Cool new band sent from my pal Ryan down under: Human Experience

How to access your own superhero - quickie article

How to be professional on-line - quickie article

It's busy as usual up here on the mountain, but I'll be updating the website soon and am working on some really cool apps for the music world in between soundtracks.

Stay warm, and stay dry if you're in Alberta!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

42 things I've learned from the Internet

I’ve been on-line for over a decade now, so I thought I would stop and take some stock of what I have learned so far.

1 a lot of people like bacon

2 Monday’s are meat free

3 how to make a heart with your hands

4 the world is so small, and you can find your 3rd grade teacher, doctor and an ex in under 3 minutes

5 people don’t understand why it’s not cool to post shocking photos

6 juice is good & you can even juice a beet (but you still can’t make me drink it)

7 what GMO stands for

8 hemp will save the world

9 not everybody has enough

10 professional journalism is a dying art

11 you never have to walk into a bank, leave your house, hold a book or be far from anyone ever again

12 some people have too much time on their hands

13 sex in advertising still sells

14 guns are bad

15 old words are morphing into new words, (this year ‘vine’ means ‘a short video clip’)

16 how to take a selfie in the bathroom mirror

17 everybody is a photographer

18 everybody is against bullying

19 not everybody is polite

20 not everybody is nasty

21 almost everybody loves Nutella

22 everybody has a voice

23 everybody should learn how to code

24 4 year olds are the best drummers and guitar players

25 you can learn wikihow to do anything on-line, even bad stuff

26 a lot men shave their heads when they reach a certain age

27 people really, really love cats

28 people use social media for communication, therapy, self esteem building, and sales

29 there are some AMAZING artists, photographers and musicians in this world

30 people are very creative

31 a lot of people care a lot about fashion

32 #hashtagsarein, now they’re out, #nowthey’rein

33 famous people are just people

34 kale is good for you

35 everybody loves yoga

36 everybody hurts

37 a lot of people have a lot of tattoos

38 I can find almost any bit of information I want in a split second

39 time can move very quickly

40 we like to share

41 we-all-want -peace and,

42 we’re all pretty much the same

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What Bif says -

"Who is afraid? I am. You are. Everyone is. Is it our imagined fear or is it our Chattering Monkey-Minds? I call it FUTURE-SURFING and it is a big time-waster. I suppose everyone really does it, and I will bet it's pretty natural for us all. Whether we live IN fear or IN safety, we all still have our private, inner thoughts and our "What If"-ing.

One of our teachers, Cameron Gilley ( ) in Vancouver ( ) said "If it no longer serves you, release it..." and it resonated with me and has stayed with me for so long. When I am worrying or "Future Surfing" and my monkey Mind is on a loop, (this week...about my 16-year-old dog's deteriorating health..or my upcoming surprise ultrasound..) I return to this, along with my breath, and I actually whisper it to myself.

It shakes my heard and enables me to give my head a shake, and clear the fear. Even if it's just for that day, and it returns the next...I return to the breath and this teaching and I get clear. CLEAR YOUR FEAR and you CLEAR THE PATH. Fear comes back? Clear it again, without struggle.

This is our work. This is our practice. Namaste and Fearlessness and Hugs. *beam*"

Monday, May 6, 2013


So my new year's resolution was to be good to myself. Since I haven't been able to run, I really miss being physical, so to make balance with my heavy course load at school load I started meditation, yoga, mantra chanting and now Pingshuai Gong.

Sadly I also had to start on BP meds, but apparently it's genetic and no amount of yoga or physical and emotional fitness can change that as I found out, BUT - all of this has helped and I wanted to share that because maybe one of these things can help you find some balance too.

I see so much stress out there, not just because of world events, but because many artists did not find what they were seeking over the past few years, and many feel they are 'settling' for day jobs instead of touring the world with their music.

First, I want to tell you, that just because you did not succeed to the level you expected, your music is a part of you, so by feeling disgruntled, or by judging your art or comparing it to somebody else's, you are saying and thinking negative things to your own self. So - just stop it. You are amazing.

Second - do try some of these things, being healthy in your mind and body will help you bring balance into your world, so you can practice your art for as long as you can. Even just a few hours a week will help you hold your head higher, walk taller and be the mountain I know you are!

Ok - go!

Watch Melissa here - she has all kinds of free classes. I started free in Feb. then bought a 3 month membership to see if I would stick with it - and today I switched and got a year membership because the stuff inside the site kicks butt - and I am a lifer for sure! Check out her beginner classes, even the intermediate ones are a good start, she's really awesome pie and her classes are really accessible to everybody - I loved her right away.

For mediation I did the 21 day challenge with Deepak and Oprah, it was great, and even though I won't buy the product, it taught me a lot, and there is loads of free stuff around I can use if I feel like it.

For Mantras I turned to these great people - who I was already familiar with, but they also started a 21 day challenge, which fit right into my lull in school work. I LOVE the chanting, and the cool vibrate-y feeling you get. I won't buy the product either, but there are loads of youtube videos available for when the 21 days are over. I sometimes just put on a playlist to clean the house with.

Tonight another person I love so much, posted a link to a Pingshuai Gong video she made and I tried it. It felt so great, was so simple and I found it was an amazing warm up to an hour of yoga. I will keep on this for sure, it got me in the zone right away.

Anyway, that's my wellness check in for you - ask me anything!

(Also bonus: I'm making some cunning post Van's Warped Tour plans with Billy ( - it's going to be so cool - stay tuned!).

Friday, April 26, 2013

A walk through the week

So much happens around here that the months literally fly by. This week there was just so much coolness, I thought I would set it out here to share. 

The weekends were 17 - 19 hour days and the week days probably 13-14. Trying to go to bed earlier to spend more hours in the sunshine this week! (It's actually amazing to look at everything written out - I can see where my time is spent. Have you tried this?)

I really hope you have time to check some of this stuff out, I'm sure I've forgotten some things, but you get the idea - Happy weekend kids!

Stuff I read

Bossypants by Tina Fey     #LOVED big time - Didn't think I could love her more ~ (Thanks Lisa!)

Eloquent Java Script - So great and free online! (Thanks Derek!)

The Power of Starting Something Stupid (again!) (Thanks Richie!)

Stuff I listened to

Morelove - Old Tomorrow

Sophia Danai - Wishing Well

Stuff I watched

Lovely Hannah

Amazing Santiago

I dared

This amazing video!

Websites I found

Yoga I did

Addicted to Busy

Some of the Lakshmi Series

Neck Stretches

Mantras I chanted

I just finished the 21 day meditation and have begun  21 days of mantras

So far we have done:

Om Shanti Om
Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha

Work stuff

I also worked on the soundtrack for The 5 Powers which will be ready for CDBaby right away, and connected with someone I haven't spoken with in ages.

I also spent most of the sunny hours in the yard clearing up the gardens, starting the new compost and planning for the yard. We removed one of the sheds and reclaimed an amazing gazebo - it's been an amazing week.

I completed my outline and synopsis for Aspire TV

Made a few notes for some upcoming Soulpancake stuff and newsletters, but have mostly been writing down ideas around revamping the .com.

Study stuff

I had a quiz for Python
Readings for Kant
Lecture on writing iOS Apps

Stuff I made

This Biscotti is amazing and I can't stop eating it, full stop.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Another great Canadian voice lost ~ Rita MacNeil


 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Sydney, NS (April 17, 2013) It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Cape Breton’s first lady of song, Rita MacNeil. Rita died last evening (April 16th) from complications following surgery, at the age of 68. A gentle soul with a heart of gold and the voice of an angel, Rita’s music spoke of her love of home and family, the courage to rise above life’s challenges and the hardworking men and women that tie this country together. “Working Man”, “Flying on Your Own”, Reason to Believe”, “I’ll Accept The Rose Tonight” and “Home I’ll Be”, are just a few of the songs that endeared Rita to fans in Canada, the U.K and Australia. Born in Big Pond, Cape Breton on May 28th, 1944 to Neil and Catherine (Rene) MacNeil, Rita was one of eight children. It wasn’t an easy life, as depicted in her autobiography “On A Personal Note”(released in 1998), but with determination and a passion for writing songs and singing, Rita pushed beyond a profound shyness and found her way to a stage at Expo 86 in Vancouver. It was here that the world discovered Rita MacNeil. In 1987 she won her first Juno Award for Most Promising Female Vocalist. She was 42. “Flying on Your Own” followed in 1987 and in 1989, her Juno performance with Cape Breton’s Men of the Deeps of “Working Man”, brought the house down. Over the course of her career, Rita recorded more than 24 albums which sold in the millions. She won 3 Juno’s, as well as numerous East Coast Music Awards, Country Music Awards, and a Gemini for her CBC variety show 'Rita & Friends' that ran from 1994 to 1997. She was a Member of the Order of Canada, was awarded the Order of Nova Scotia and is the recipient of five honorary doctorates. In 1986 she opened up Rita’s Tea Room in her hometown of Big Pond, which in the past few years enjoyed frequent visits from Rita herself. Rita’s quick wit and sly sense of humour was a hallmark of her live shows and was in evidence when she was featured in an episode of the Trailer Park Boys. A mother to Laura (Dana) and Wade (Lori), a grandmother, a dear friend, and a sister, Rita was a Canadian icon – a woman who had a dream that became a reality - who brought joy and inspiration to so many. And you never let the hard times Take away your soul And you stopped the tears from falling As you watched the young ones go You’re as peaceful as a clear day You’re as rugged as the seas I caress you, oh, Cape Breton, in my dreams Home I’ll Be – Rita MacNeil “Music is timeless and ageless,” noted the legendary singer, “the passion I feel for what I do can’t be put aside with a number and a year. It is a big part of my life – the concerts, the touring, the letters and the joy the audience gives back to me when the music touches a chord with them.” Rita MacNeil Marlene Palmer, Palmer Publicity Ink, Ltd - 250-590-6261 (PDT)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Crowdfunding - Making It Work For You

I've seen many crowdfunding campaigns work, some really well, and loads that fail. Here are some helpful tips for planning your strategy - via Stage 32.

Simplying the Crowdfunding Marketing Process

Have you launched your crowdfunding campaign but are receiving no traction - even though you've messaged thousands of people who you found painstakingly on the internet?
The bad news is that you're a tad too late. Marketing of your crowdfunding campaign should begin BEFORE it is launched. Ideally, you should give yourself a 3-month marketing window before the actual campaign.
Messaging is the backbone of crowdfunding marketing - what you say, to whom, and how. It begins with the following two elements/questions:
  • Who are you planning to reach out to, and why have you chosen to contact them? (target audience)
  • What are you planning to write to them? (message draft)
Knowing your audience gives you power. Here are the two points you must follow while developing theaudience contact sheet.
Resist the temptation to message everybody on your contact list. Research and determine who might be interested in your project - even if they are not on your email lists. I often recommend clients to break down their potential targets into lists, depending on the project and its reach requirements. For instance, your project might need lists of friends, family, colleagues, fans/cheerleaders, influencers, and trailblazers. Whatever your specific lists are, fill in at least 10 names under each category. I always recommend starting small and staying close to home and then working your way out.
Build individual profiles that allows for contact to be made in a fashion which is appropriate and fitting. Knowing what drives the target person will help you position your message accordingly. Similarly, understanding the factors or people that influence your target's choice will determine the addition and subtraction of campaign communication ingredients during the outreach process.
No matter how skilled a writer you are (which I am sure most of you are), marketing message development is a different beast altogether. It is more of a psychological game than creative expression.
Here are the few core elements to remember if you're attempting to create your own campaign message.
Let the campaign message not be about the project: This might surprise you, but it's true. People invest in people, not projects. You should be able to sell yourself before hoping to sell your idea because potential backers need to know:
  • What makes you the best person to carry out the proposed project?
  • Will you deliver what you promise?
As such, your goal should be to:
  • Instill their confidence in you.
  • Convey your personality and passion about what you're doing in a compelling way.
Throw away the logical glasses. Time and again, psychologists have stressed the significance of emotion over reason in fundraising. People make decisions about you and your project on the basis of 'gut feeling' or intuition. When it comes to emotions, we have to look at several intangible factors that affect their "giving" decisions, such as:
  • First thoughts and impressions. First impressions don't just work in romances and job interviews; they apply to crowdfunding situations as well. How people "feel" when they first encounter your campaign counts; in fact, that's what lasts.
  • Safe versus beneficial: As we all know, losses hurt more than gains feel good. Therefore, your campaign message must communicate safety before benefits.
  • Social proof: It's human nature to like and want what others have - be it their spouse, lover, job, parents, or education. The rules of investment and affiliation are no different. We open our wallets if and when we receive validation from people we trust, admire, or compete against. They can be in our immediate social circle or society in general. As a fund seeker, your job, my friend, is to find who and where they are.
  • Bonding: We are creatures of bonds and emotions. Therefore, don't forget to pull those heartstrings if you would like the purse strings to be opened. They say, "You can have the best project at hand, but it will not fly if backers cannot develop an emotional bond with it." Therefore, as they say, building an emotional connect is far more important than increasing your fan count.
If you target sharply and communicate responsibly, help will come your way.
For my blog, I asked several platform executives and those whose projects have been successfully funded about crowdfunding marketing strategies that work, and here is what they said:
Benji Rogers (CEO of PledgeMusic): You, the artist, must not appear desperate. Create incredible campaigns, engage with your fans, and don't simply ask for money.
Ben Hamilton (Community Manager at PleaseFund.Us): Build a story behind your campaign, and let it resonate with people. It's often the story that people buy in to, and not necessarily the idea.
Matthew Benetti (Marketing & Partnerships Manager at Pozible): The biggest key to success is probably research, planning, and engaging with audiences. Successful project creators constantly engage with their audience and put a lot of work into building their online fan-base, before and during the campaign - without spamming!
Ali Berlinski (Author who successfully raised funds for her book and received a publishing deal from the platform's publishing arm): They say it takes a village to raise a child and similarly, it takes a community to publish a book. In order to fundraise, you really need to reach out to your community, extended community, and then even your extended community's extended community. And when I say reach out, I mean on a personal level.
Devon Glenn (who ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for her novel, and is an editor at Social Times):Deep down, people want something they can't buy at Walmart: something truly special that they discovered and brought into the light. Give them a project they can feel proud to support. Enthusiasm and persistence go a long way. When people see that you're serious about what you do and that others are backing you up, they'll be more inclined to join.

Sharmeen Akbani Gangat is an art and entertainment marketer. For her, marketing is messaging - and she applies that principle in her professional life: she earned the chance to work on UNTV's promotional video marketing package for World Summit through a cold call pitch; prospected and secured 15 new web 2.0 clients for a start-up within a month's time; and, wrote sales letters that sold millions of dollars worth of products and services. She is a certified filmmaker from New York University and holds a master's degree from Columbia University. She also taught marketing classes and conducted branding workshops at Hunter College and New York University.
You can visit Sharmeen at her blog, The Glocul Group and on Twitter at @SharmeenAGangat.

(And just FYI - Here is our latest one - it seems to be doing ok, and there was TONS of pre-planning. I really think that you need to think of crowdfunding as an 'event' of its' own, it needs that much consideration. Cheers! Jenn

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Power of Starting Something Stupid

Richie Norton's book begins with the death of his infant son. This was the night his family came into my life. On Twitter and by chance, I saw Richie's wife Natalie post two words that kept me up all night with them, full of empathy with a breaking heart, it just said: 'He's dying'.

The purpose of this powerful beginning, is to help define what the Norton's call 'Gavin's Law': 'Live to Start and Start to Live', which are the bones of this book. It's an emotional hook, an immediate focus, and it gets you right in the gut,  which is just exactly where you need to be to start making positive change in your life.

And if ever you did indeed feel that your life needed a jump start, but were either not sure where or how to start making some change, can I just tell you here that this is the book that will get you started. It's a simple roadmap made for everybody, nothing fussy, just a solid quick read to get you moving.

Specifically, Richie teaches how to remove the obstacles that keep you from overcoming your fears, and moving forward. Ever felt stuck? Ever procrastinated (AHA! you're saying, now I see why Jenn loves this book!) But seriously, it's about choosing to put life into every moment, no excuses.

So, don't wait, just start some stuff! 

Begin now, just go do it. Start something you've been wanting to do and take a picture or video of it, or write about what you're going to do (or have done), and tweet it with the hashtag #powerofstupid, and see what everyone else is doing too! You may also want to  check in to see what's going on here at Richie's website, where some really cool people talk about the importance of his book.

Get your spring started kids, clean out the cobwebs and set your compass for success - cheesy, but it works, I'm not even kidding( I wanna jump on Oprah's couch - just saying) - this book clicked for me, and I am the queen of the procrastinators, you know it and I know it...and I guess well, now everyone knows it.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


So maybe you know or maybe you don't know,  that I write and contribute ideas to SoulPancake - well a few weeks ago we hit nearly 11 million viewers with one video from Kid President - and yep - SP had a call from the White House, the big guy wanted to talk to KP himself.

So - we are well on our way to making some big noise about good stuff!

Here is the viral vid, and please come and sign up to the SP newsletter(make a free account on the .com!), and the YT channel and come and chat with us on the .com.

Thanks kids!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Words from wise

Artists! Read this and be true to yourselves; it's a mistake not to be 100% authentic and here's why:

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fingers AND toes crossed for Ian at the Grammy's!

We've been so lucky to work and play live with Ian over the years, he's our go-to fiddle dude!

Good luck Ian!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Modern Recording by Jamie Tate

Or as I like to call it - accurate.

I guess in the big picture though, I am just happy people are still listening - lemonade....

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Finishing Dr King's work ~ Please forward!

Dear friends and colleagues, I would like to invite you to take part in a once in a life time event - we are working on a special campaign that Martin Luther King Jr. began decades ago. 

If you know me you know I don't ask you for much, and I don't believe in awards, but I do believe in the recognition of hard work  and I would love to be a part of honouring the work of Thich Nhat Hanh and those who strive to find ways to make peace happen in every moment, for every person.

Please read on to find out how you or someone you know can be involved - and thank you!


Peace is the Way Films would like to begin 2013 by helping Martin Luther King, Jr. to fulfill one of his dreams.
We are launching a social media and email campaign to re-nominate Thich Nhat Hanh for the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize, 45 years after Dr. King’s assassination in 1968.
As Dr. King stated in his original 1967 Nobel Peace Prize letter, nominating Thich Nhat Hanh, ”I do not personally know of anyone more worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize than this gentle Buddhist monk from Vietnam.”
Help us nominate Thich Nhat Hanh for the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize.
It is easy for you to help make this dream a reality. At the bottom of this message there is a list of “Qualified Nominators,” meaning people who are qualified to nominate someone for the Nobel Peace Prize.
If you, a friend, colleague or acquaintance fit into any of the below categories, then you are eligible to nominate Thich Nhat Hanh for the Nobel Peace Prize 2013.
You can also of course as a private person sign the letter and send it to the Nobel Committee.
It is our goal to flood the Nobel Committee with letters from private persons and qualified nominators.
The deadline for all letters to be received by the Nobel Committee is February 3rd, 2013.
Smiles and Gratitude

Qualified Nominators:
The right to submit proposals for the Nobel Peace Prize shall, by statute be enjoyed by:
1. Members of national assemblies and governments of states;
2. Members of international courts;
3. University rectors; professors of social sciences, history, philosophy, law, theology, directors of peace research institutes;
4. Persons who have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize;
5. Board members of organizations that have won the Nobel Peace Prize;
6. Active and former members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee; (proposals by members of the Committee to be submitted no later than the first meeting of the Committee after February 1st)
7. Former advisers appointed by the Norwegian Nobel Institute.