Wednesday, September 17, 2014

4 Days with Django

After Buster left us last winter, we were just a couple of broken hearts wandering around.

Of course as time marches past you, you feel better and finally do stop crying. But even after the spring and summer have come and gone and you are happy and laughing again, there is still a place just big enough for a small dog to fit.

Enter Django. Or Bo Jangles as my dad calls him, or DejaVu as my mom calls him; or Niko, Stich or Rothko as he was known in his foster homes and at the shelter where he was picked up as a stray.

We were going to name him Vincent, as in van Gogh because he is missing a bit of ear....

But in the end we decided on Django, and then it was confirmed when we saw his little feet. He has 'high toes' and his front feet look just like Django Reinhardt's right hand....

And so it goes, four days have passed and I can't recall the last time we laughed from morning until night, every day. And I have never seen such a happy dog as this, when he jumps up on the bed at night where he goes smiling to sleep. Life is very, very good.

A HUGE shout out to New Rattitude! Without them and their team of amazing, selfless volunteers we  would not have this little spud. Adopt, please don't shop.