Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Power of Starting Something Stupid

Richie Norton's book begins with the death of his infant son. This was the night his family came into my life. On Twitter and by chance, I saw Richie's wife Natalie post two words that kept me up all night with them, full of empathy with a breaking heart, it just said: 'He's dying'.

The purpose of this powerful beginning, is to help define what the Norton's call 'Gavin's Law': 'Live to Start and Start to Live', which are the bones of this book. It's an emotional hook, an immediate focus, and it gets you right in the gut,  which is just exactly where you need to be to start making positive change in your life.

And if ever you did indeed feel that your life needed a jump start, but were either not sure where or how to start making some change, can I just tell you here that this is the book that will get you started. It's a simple roadmap made for everybody, nothing fussy, just a solid quick read to get you moving.

Specifically, Richie teaches how to remove the obstacles that keep you from overcoming your fears, and moving forward. Ever felt stuck? Ever procrastinated (AHA! you're saying, now I see why Jenn loves this book!) But seriously, it's about choosing to put life into every moment, no excuses.

So, don't wait, just start some stuff! 

Begin now, just go do it. Start something you've been wanting to do and take a picture or video of it, or write about what you're going to do (or have done), and tweet it with the hashtag #powerofstupid, and see what everyone else is doing too! You may also want to  check in to see what's going on here at Richie's website, where some really cool people talk about the importance of his book.

Get your spring started kids, clean out the cobwebs and set your compass for success - cheesy, but it works, I'm not even kidding( I wanna jump on Oprah's couch - just saying) - this book clicked for me, and I am the queen of the procrastinators, you know it and I know it...and I guess well, now everyone knows it.