Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This is a really good article

In fact, Jason Baer has many good articles on his blog:

Giving the creative mind a rest - Procrastination is not a dirty word

Just a happy note to say it's ok to procrastinate. The creative mind needs to rest too, and not just during your REM hours. Take a break, do something silly, use another creative will be surprised how refreshing it can be, what new ideas and views you can discover if you allow yourself a bit of time off from your regular tasks, no matter how creative they may be.

Adrienne (Pierce) just posted this one up on Twitter, I love it! And local too. Well done Clive!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Heart of an Artist

I was chatting with an artist today and we were talking about 'making it' in the music industry and different definitions of 'making it'. Of course the money that can come along with 'making it big' is always nice, everyone can agree that the joy of not having to worry where rent or your next meal will come from is a bit of heaven on earth, but it seems that when we only look for those goals we miss a lot of other important things along the way....

"..... for example, if I am in a small venue like a restaurant, after I finish a gig, I say goodbye to every single person in that restaurant if I can, and I thank them all for coming out, give them hugs whatever, and it's not about doing just to get something, it's about truly appreciating the fact that they are listening to my music and becoming my fans. Too many musicians, they go to gigs thinking, I'm going to network with people who might be able to give me a 'foot in the door', or I'm going to get drunk. I don't go to them for either, I go to meet potential fans, and to do what I love......"

It's grounding to hear things like that, it's good to stop and re-focus and remember why we make music..I believe it ultimately helps us reach our goals.

Sunny Sunday Music!

I think it was Alex who posted this up on goes with the day here in Vancouver that's for sure! Let's dedicate it to Taylor Pyatt, welcome back!


Saturday, April 25, 2009

EarthRun in Stanley Park!

Lumberman's Arch, Sunday morning 7am, be there with your sneaks on!

Great music, great cause and David Suzuki in person...BUT..more importantly>>>> I've heard there will be oatmeal!!

Marketing idea?

Hey everyone, as you may have just heard Vancouver City is going to be banning water bottles and they will no longer be for sale in vending machines etc (it's about time I say!)...anyway, marketing opportunity here I am thinking,for merch, water bottle with your name/logo web stuff, album cover, what have you.

I know they're bulky to take to gigs, but seriously folks, how many black band T-shirts do we is not always clever, but clever usually sells.

Friday, April 24, 2009


I'm not a huge fan of rap, but I am a gigantic fan of moxy, and to stick with something even when your peers turn their back on you, is some kind of moxy.

Stay focused on your dreams people.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nothing to do with anything

But this is one heck of a big moose! Photographed in Macadam, just across the border from Vanceboro, Maine.

Up to the minute - world wide - social media - the way it works

Alex made the cover of his local newspaper and I couldn't help but think, isn't it funny that we, the world(!), knew Alex first:

It's a little bit like working backwards......

Hmm technically still Wed for me

So I did still post today even though it's past midnight...

Busy day of doing the final bit of sorting for EarthRun(.org), working on Bobby's last few songs, today drums and bass. I really want to get some bgs happening for this song too, I have some great ideas.

Talking with Melissa about tracks, trying to get a good balance on this album.

Waiting for the Newmarket Journal to come on-line, as the Alex Highton interview should be in the Thursday issue.

Also had a note from Time Out mag, so I hope they'll be following the story as well.

Still working on the Rave On RoadShow, and sent notes out to invite a few more hospitals and residences to participate. Tomorrow I'll put listings up for more artists on Music BC, BCCMA and VACA etc.

Oh and Simon Kendall is trying for a spot on the Board of SOCAN, so don't forget to vote!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Star Is Born

There is no excuse, I have been a bad blogger lately. I have nobody and nothing to blame, not Luongo for distracting me with amazing saves, Alex Highton with his great music, David Suzuki with his EarthRun(.org) event, the sun with it's excuses.

That being said I am trying to mend my ways. Here is a weekly update and a few of the sites that I promised....

This is a crazy busy time, we are working like mad trying to finish Bobby's album, drums tonight and whatever we can fit in tomorrow.

I am starting to set up the Rave On RoadShow, taking music out to people who can't get out to venues to see live events, (the first show will be at Freedom Place in Surrey on May 8th with Ranj Singh).

We've also been getting everything organized for EarthRun on Sunday. Just had a good chat with our Volunteer sound person, thank you Simon!

In the midst of all this I found Alex Highton ( and we'll be helping him get his album mixed and ready to go and we're hoping to get some buzz happening out there for him as well. We've had some luck so far with a few British websites and a newspaper. We'll keep at it, this guy is amazing and I have a good feeling about him.

Here are a few sites I've sifted through for you as well:

>Getting started on Twitter:

>Putting it all together - Your image:

>And a little something about Happiness(I hope this one works I had to login for it, if you can't get it but want to read let me know and I can cut and paste, it's really good):

OK, now get out there and have a great week! And I'll be back tomorrow - REALLY!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday update and some wise words

Was it John Lennon that said life is what happens.....??

Well life happened 13 days ago and we're in 'coping' and 're-organization' mode.

Getting sorted, working on Bobby's final tunes, getting ready for EarthRun(.org), meeting new people (, pr for Melissa, final edits and photo captions for the Finland article (the first part of which runs next month) and whatever else we can squeeze in.

I am carefully sifting through all of the marketing info I am reading and next post will post up more links and some great tips for musicians. In the meantime though.....

A few things to remember on the journey from every body's pal Mahatma Gandhi:

"Seven Blunders of the World"

1. Wealth without work

2. Pleasure without conscience

3. Knowledge without character

4. Commerce without morality

5. Science without humanity

6. Worship without sacrifice

7. Politics without principle

—Mahatma Gandhi

* Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born on 2 October 1869 in Porbandar, India. He led India's movement for independence from British rule and is one of the most respected spiritual and political leaders of the 20th century. In 1948 he was assassinated by a Hindu fanatic who opposed his tolerance for all creeds and religions. Gandhi is honoured by his people as the father of the Indian nation and is called 'Mahatma', which means Great Soul.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009

For A Sunday Morning

From Ashton Kutcher's upcoming movie 'Spread'.

The Garden You Planted By Sea Wolf

My new favorite song.

Friday, April 10, 2009

So cool!

Adrienne (Pierce) and Ari (Shine) are recording Tess Dunn for the Christmas album. I am so excited to hear this song!
This year's album is shaping up to be a work of art as is the new website....the art has just been approved and as usual Johnny has really come through for us. Josh will get it up and running and then I'm on to the marketing aspects of the project. It's much easier since the SPCA has started selling the cds at all of the shelters.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

U2 and Wed updates

Watched a very good interview with U2 today, as funny as it was serious and one thing they said was, it's not arrogant to think you can take on the world. Dream as big as you can, and as big as you want, look where it landed them.

And it's landed Melissa right at the foot of her first dream; on September 29th she'll be singing with the African Children's Choir at their 25th Anniversary Gala. Not only that, they'll be singing their heart out on her new song 'Away'. Proceeds from this song and partial proceeds from the album will go right back to them. We are over the moon, over-the-moon. I can't even say how happy and excited we are.

Whew! And we have got into a good groove with Bobby's tunes and are coming into the home stretch, working on the last three..and maybe tonight, will have just two left to go. Sometimes the ones you think will be the most challenging, come together so easily!

Am right into Twitter mode and as a direct result of being in touch with so many industry people now, I have found some great information. I'll just list the sites here so you too can get right in there:

(And really anything on Ariel's site!)

Monday, April 6, 2009

This week on Twitter...

I know there are more than these two Twitter stories, but these one's are right up our alley and go along nicely with my previous postings about jumping on every new social network you can in order to self promote. The first that happened was Adaline's close encounter with a movie star who is filming locally, which brought her thousands of fans the result of one tweet (Twitter post):

and the second is this...the proof is in the pudding folks...

E-Mail Of The Day
From: Amanda Palmer
Subject: re-Please Drop Me
my label-dropping game has become very fun. please pray for me.

it’s a lesson in how the future of music is working -
fans are literally (and i mean that….literally) lining up at the signing table after shows and HANDING me cash, saying "thank you".

i had to EXPLAIN to the so-called "head of digital media" of roadrunner australia WHAT TWITTER WAS. and his brush-off that "it hasn’t caught on here yet" was ABSURD because the next day i twittered that i was doing an impromptu gathering in a public park and 12 hours later, 150 underage fans - who couldn’t attend the show - showed up to get their records signed.

no manager knew! i didn’t even warn or tell her! no agents! no security! no venue! we were in a fucking public park!
life is becoming awesome.

also interesting: i brought a troupe of back-up actors/dancers on the tour (we were only playing 300-1000 seaters) and had no money to pay them, so we passed the hat into the crowd every night. each performer walked from each show with about $200 in cash. the fans TOOK CARE OF THEM. they brought us dinner every night, gave us places to sleep. (i couldn’t afford to put up that many people in hotels). all sans label, all using email and twitter. the fans followed the adventure. they LOVED HELPING.

the times they are a-changing fucking dramatically, when pong-twittering with trent reznor means way more to your fan-base/business than whether or not the record is in fucking stores (and in my case, it ain’t in fucking stores).

twitter is EVERYTHING that you explain in your rants: it is a MAINLINE insta-connection with the fans. there is ZERO middleman.
my fans hung out with me all day on twitter today while i unpacked weird tour shit, fan art, gifts and paraphernalia that usually just ends up in my closet or in the trash and took pictures of it for them.


Amanda Palmer Blog

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Something about Mohammed and connecting the dots....

What is the old adage, that if Mohammad cannot come to the mountain?

Well, I guess I have always thought this way, and we are always trying, especially with the Christmas album, to get the voices of lower mainland artists out to a new fan base - I mean, we sell the album at the fish market, butcher shop, the dry cleaner down the road, anywhere and everywhere a new fan may be.

So it was a nice surprise to have such a positive response this week from the Howe Sound Rehab.Society when I offered up the idea of connecting them with lower mainland artists. It was an even nicer surprise to have so many bands and solo artists get really excited about this idea, the idea of performing in places where people are not able to get out to live music venues. And I don't mean a FEW bands and artists, I mean A LOT!

It's amazing how fast and easy things come together when they fit.

Thanks to all of you who are going to be involved, and if anyone would like more information about this project, please drop me a line or tweet!

Next blog, a bunch of great self promotion material I have come across in the last few days...stay tuned...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Christmas is coming and I'm feeling it!

Busy week, learning Twitter, trying to get a good grasp of marketing in time for Melissa's next album release, trying to get the garden dug and sorted in my spare minutes and feeling the Christmas album come nearer and nearer! It won't be such a big job this year, in fact I think so far we are not recording any of it here unless we write a tune ourselves. Almost everyone sent in pre-recorded tunes which has been a joy! Reckon I should send out an update soon though and get on a bit of marketing - I would love to have it as an offering on the BC Ferries in their gift shops...but I have tried for 3 years and have not been successful yet.

The weather has been very strange, and possibly Mother Nature's April fools - snow in the morning and a blowing storm tonight....not helping out the hay fever at all, and the dog has gone into hibernation. Maybe this is a good time to bundle up, make a hot rum, put on some Bing, and get on the Christmas marketing!